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Petabridge is a world leader in building distributed systems and distributed systems tools; we serve our customers by providing them with professional-grade open source software packages, proprietary tooling, consulting, training, and support.

Founded in 2015 in Los Angeles, we have been rapidly growing over the past 3 years, increasing our profitability at a rate of 81% year over year on average. In 2017 we relocated to Houston, Texas. We’re a very small team and are looking to expand our presence in Houston with some talented and motivated people.

You can read more about Petabridge here.

Open Positions

None at this time.

Will Petabridge Consider Remote Candidates?

Depends on the position.

Office Locations

Petabridge's offices are located on 704 N. Thompson Street, Suite 155, Conroe, TX, 77301. Our mailing address is different - you can find that on our contact page.

Office Life @ Petabridge

Most of us work from home regularly and our team is distributed globally, but we also like to have office space available in locations with more than 1 employee.

We tend to show up for work starting around 8:00-9:00am and leave for dinner whenever it’s convenient, and then usually get back online later in the evening for an hour or two. We're flexible on when people come to work generally.

Who Should Work at Petabridge?

If you like freedom to manage your schedule, autonomy, decision-making ability, and room for expression – Petabridge may be a good place for you to work. You like competition – especially against yourself; you're driven and motivated to get better because that’s its own reward.

You have a higher than usual risk tolerance. You’re ok being employee #2, #3, or #4 instead of employee #11210, because being part of something great early means higher rewards and tremendously more learning and growth in a shorter period.

You intend to love your work and feel good about what you accomplish on the job; to you, work isn’t something you merely survive to get to the parts of your life you enjoy – rather, work is one of those parts you enjoy.

You are looking for work that is both rewarding and leaves you personally fulfilled. You regularly work until the job is done, not because you feel obligated to, but because it makes you feel good to go above and beyond your peer group.

You deeply care about the impact your work makes on your customers, your co-workers, and yourself – you put in your best effort.

You aren't afraid to exercise independent judgement, take risks, and hold others accountable when necessary. You are humble enough to ask for help when you know you need it.

And most importantly: you want to work with other people who share these values. You want to be part of an elite, high-performing team that dominates its competition.

Company Culture and Values

We're a small team. There's minimal management overhead, monthly Objectives and Key Results for every person in the company, and large amounts of autonomy. We have flexible policies for a job well done when it comes to vacation and working from home.

We do not measure your productivity based on the number of hours you spend in the office. We measure it based on your output, which we expect to be significantly higher than average. This means being smart about how we use our time and inventing systematic approaches to solving the intrinsically difficult and ambiguous problems we encounter in our industry.

We invest lots of our time and effort into things that help make our people more productive: training, automation, building systems, and documenting our knowledge. One of the key benefits of your job here should be everything you learn and can take with you to the next part of your career, whether it's here with us at Petabridge or some other new adventure.

We practice voluntary communication – we proactively push our goings-on and happenings out to our peers and let them decide what to do with the information. We don’t wait for other people to ask us what we’re working on.

We don’t "disappear" when the workday is over or "hide" during the workday – we are a team, we must be able to respond when circumstances call for it, and thus we don’t avoid communication with our coworkers even outside of business hours. This goes doubly true for our customers, OSS contributors, and so forth.

We celebrate our successes and confront our failures. We are playing a big game and we are not afraid to take some shots that don’t score in the process of trying to ultimately win.

We will have your back during ups and downs – if you've been a good performer in the past but go through a rough patch, we’ll support you to recover. We fully expect you to do the same for Petabridge – if we need you to go the extra mile or if the company has a bad quarter, we expect you to stick with us too.

If you are considering applying for a software engineering position at Petabridge, please also take a look at Petabridge's engineering culture and values as well.

Compensation and Benefits

We want top tier people who can deliver top-tier output, therefore we pay top-tier salaries. Bonus structures et al are great for some types of jobs, but it's our belief that a high salary is the most efficient way to deliver maximum value to our employees.

You will be paid top of market if you perform at the top of market.

In terms of benefits we provide company-sponsored health insurance, flexible spending accounts, vision and dental, retirement accounts, and so forth. All of this is managed through TriNet, our HR partner, so you can choose whichever plans work best for you and your family.

We don't have a quantified paid time off policy – it's been our practice to schedule that flexibly, so all you need do is ask management to coordinate this so we can plan accordingly. Doesn't matter if it's a sick day, vacation, bereavement, or parental leave.

Career Development

Having worked for massive companies that have structured career development plans for their employees in the past, Petabridge management believes that these formal career development programs are largely ineffective. Instead, we will provide you with opportunities to develop competencies in new areas if they align with our needs.

Petabridge is a rapidly growing company that is going to have needs for all sorts of new positions over the next few years and we’ll leave the door open for our people to try their hand at new things.

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