Engineering Culture at Petabridge


If you're interested in working at Petabridge on one of our software engineering teams, it's important to read up on as much of our engineering and team culture as possible before you make the decision to apply.

Petabridge is in the business of building mission-critical frameworks and software development tools used by Fortune 500 companies, banks, healthcare providers, railroads, airlines, and more. Therefore, we ask more of our software developers than most companies do. Our users expect high quality software; responsive communication from our team; deep technical competency; and the humility to admit our mistakes publicly and make them right afterwards. The ability to do these well is exceptional in the software industry. We hire only exceptional people.

Engineering Values

Software engineering is a creative profession. The software we create is as much a functional unit as it is an expression of our creativity and values. Therefore, the place where Petabridge's software engineering culture begins must be those values.


We prefer solutions that require the fewest number of moving parts. We aren't interested in CV-driven development, so we don't include cool new technologies into solutions where they are not needed. We recognize that simple, understandable solutions that can be easily explained to new developers are going to have a longer useful lifespan than complex, Byzantine ones.


As a small software development team, we recognize the need to make every individual on the team as effective and efficient as possible. Therefore, investing the time to automate routine, time-consuming, and error-prone parts of our workflow is almost always a great investment and use of our time. At Petabridge, we heavily emphasize automated testing, deployment, releases, performance testing, and more.

Voluntary, Clear, and Concise Communication

Software engineering is a team sport; everyone needs to be in communication with everyone else in order to play the game at the highest levels. Therefore, Petabridge deeply values strong communication skills among its team members. We value an engineer's ability to communicate well much more strongly than his or her technical experience and insight.

Most importantly though, we expect voluntary communication - the act of proactively pushing knowledge out to the team without being asked for it specifically. Our experience has been that teams who do this well operate at a much higher level than ones where developers in the organization "hide" and try to keep interpersonal interaction to a minimum. We do not tolerate "hiding" here.

Thoroughness and Quality Control

You will likely spend most of your time at Petabridge reproducing bugs, writing tests, making performance measurements, building better testing tools, and doing a level of quality assurance work that is rarely seen in the software industry. You will spend comparatively little time writing new features. This is because our job is to provide a rock-solid foundation for our customers and users who build on top of the frameworks and tools we develop.

Flexibility and Variety

One week might be spent debugging a painful networking bug with Akka.NET. The next week might be spent updating code samples and documentation. The week after that might be spent building a next-generation DevOps tool that ships as part of the Phobos suite. At Petabridge, you will be asked to wear a lot of hats and work on lots of different things. If you want to work at Petabridge, you should feel excited about the possibility of variety - not threatened or intimidated by it.

Willingness to Attack Tough Problems

Many engineers claim they want to work on hard or challenging problems. You will have an abundance of opportunity to work on those at Petabridge, but you should be careful what you wish for: your technical skills will be challenged frequently here. Be prepared to find yourself outside of your comfort zone often.

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