Akka.NET Support Plans

Petabridge's experts are on-hand to support you during both development and production.

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Akka.NET developer support will help you get your projects off the ground.

Akka.NET Developer Support

Akka.NET Developer Support is perfect for teams that are working with Akka.NET and need:

  1. Timely answers to technical questions about Akka.NET and using it in practice;
  2. Expert advice on Akka.NET designs, configurations, deployment strategies, and more; and
  3. Patch priority from the Petabridge team for submitting fixes to Akka.NET and Akka.NET ecosystem issues.

All of this is provided via a 1-business day service level agreement (SLA) via email and our Akka.NET helpdesk.

Developer support plans start at $3,000 per year and offer 10 cumulative hours of support from the Petabridge team to be used on any issues you wish.

Petabridge's live Akka.NET production support will help you solve critical issues quickly and effictively.

Akka.NET Production Support

Akka.NET Production Support is a good idea for companies who are running mission-critical, production services on top of Akka.NET that require high availability.

Akka.NET Production Support includes:

  1. 24/7/365 1 hour SLA via phone - reach a Petabridge team member any time, any day, any time when there's trouble.
  2. Live troubleshooting assistance until your issue is resolved.
  3. And all of the same benefits as Akka.NET Developer Support.

Production support plans start at $18,000 per year and offer 24 cumulative hours of developer support from the Petabridge team.

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