Akka.NET Bootcamp

Akka.NET Bootcamp

A Free, Self-paced Course for Learning Akka.NET

This course is designed to help take you from knowing nothing about Akka.NET and the actor model to being able to build your own applications from scratch.

Akka.NET Bootcamp is free and will be delivered to you via email.

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Akka.NET Bootcamp series includes 17 individual lessons that walk you through creating 3 distinct applications over the course of a week.

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Akka.NET Bootcamp is available for free online, but it’s also available for purchase and download as an ebook (PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats). Great if you want to take Akka.NET Bootcamp on the road, or read it on your mobile devices.

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What You’ll Learn

Akka.NET Bootcamp is divided into three units, each of which comes with its own Akka.NET application that you will build alongside our instructions.

  1. Unit 1: Actor and Akka.NET Fundamentals a. Actors and the ActorSystem b. Defining and Handling Messages c. Using Props and ActorRefs d. Child Actors, Hierarchies, and Supervision e. Looking up actors by address with ActorSelection f. The Actor Lifecycle
  2. Unit 2: Switchable Behavior, Stashing & Scheduling of Messages, and Actor Configuration a. Config and Deploying Actors via App.Config b. Using ReceiveActor for Smarter Message Handling c. Using the Scheduler to Send Recurring Messages d. Switching Behavior at Run-time with Become and Unbecome e. Using a Stash to Defer Message Processing
  3. Unit 3: Routers, Using TPL with Actors, and Fault Tolerance a. Routers and Message Distribution b. Creating Actor Pools, Routers, and Dividing Labor c. Deploying Routers via HOCON Configuration d. Ask<T>: How to Wait for a Specific Message e. How to Use async Methods Inside Actors f. Graceful Fault Tolerance

Once you’re finished with Akka.NET Bootcamp you’ll be able to build basic Akka.NET applications from scratch with no issues.

What’s next after Akka.NET Bootcamp?

If you like your experience with Akka.NET Bootcamp, consider taking our Advanced Akka.NET Online Training to learn how to use Akka.NET Design Patterns, Akka.Remote, and Akka.Cluster to build distributed systems with Akka.NET!