Akka.NET Architecture and Design Review

Get hands-on help with your Akka.NET applications from Petabridge's experienced team members and solution architects. We have consulting packages for every occasion.

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Spot design issues early, before you go into production with Akka.NET.

Akka.NET Design and Architecture Reviews

Akka.NET and the actor model are proven technologies for building a huge variety of applications in .NET and getting the most out of the actor model is essential to success in production.

Petabridge offers a fixed price architecture and review consulting package to help teams like yours assess the strengths and weaknesses of your designs before you go into production.

We'll work with you to identify performance bottlenecks, future-proofing considerations, consistency issues, and help you make your applications highly available in the process.

Akka.NET application code reviews by Petabridge.

Akka.NET Code Reviews

Built your Akka.NET application already and want a second set of eyes to look it over?

Petabridge offers code reviews as part of our consulting packages, where our Akka.NET developers will review the source of your application and help identify potential performance issues, bugs, design flaws, or any other type of issue.

Akka.NET implementation help is also available from Petabridge.

Akka.NET Coding and Implementation

Need some extra hands getting your Akka.NET project off the ground?

Petabridge's team can help you build and deploy your Akka.NET applications! We're available for implementation and coding help; our engagements have ranged from writing full-blown applications; building custom Akka.NET plugins and extensions; writing performance and unit tests; and even end-to-end continuous integration and deployment systems for Akka.NET applications.

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