Phobos 2.0 Released - OpenTelemetry Meets Akka.NET

Phobos 2.0 Now Released to Market, Includes OpenTelemetry Support, Akka.Hosting, and More

As of today, Phobos 2.0 - our fully OpenTelemetry-enabled instrumentation library for Akka.NET, is now available for production use with Akka.NET.

Phobos 2.0 Instruments Akka.NET with OpenTelemetry

The key features of Phobos 2.0 are as follows:

  1. Requires no instrumentation code on the part of the end-user;
  2. Automatically creates and propagates OpenTelemetry traces during actor messaging, creation, Ask<T>, crashes, and restarts;
  3. Automatically records OpenTelemetry metrics for message processing by message type / actor type, mailbox depth, message processing latency, log rates, error rates, and more;
  4. Automatically records OpenTelemetry metrics for the state of the Akka.NET cluster - including the number of unreachable members, members by status, and so on;
  5. Includes enhanced noise control for OpenTelemetry tracing via the ITraceFilter interface, which allows you to suppress the creation of unwanted trace data in order to reduce cost, noise, and resource consumption;
  6. Measures latency on message-processing activity from the point in which the message is initially created, so in-flight time over Akka.Remote or time spent in queue can now be easily observed and monitored;
  7. Uses Akka.Hosting to make Phobos a HOCONless installation experience;
  8. Is high performance - tracing obviously produces some additional CPU, memory allocation, and bandwidth overhead but Phobos metrics are allocation-free and very performant; and lastly
  9. Comes with ready-made Akka.NET dashboards for many popular metrics and data visualization platforms.

Phobos’ license fees are still the same as Phobos 1.0 - $4000 per organization per year, and you can buy Phobos instantly with a 30-day moneyback guarantee through Sdkbin.

And installation of Phobos is easy to do - most of our “Phobos 2.0 Installation Tutorial” is converting a regular Akka.NET application to leverage Akka.Hosting. The actual Phobos installation portion of it is a 1-liner.

This has been the culmination of lots of engineering work on the part of our team here at Petabridge and we are very excited to make this available to our current Phobos customers and our new ones in the future! Please upgrade today and let us know if you have any issues here: Phobos Issue Tracker

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Written by Aaron Stannard on May 4, 2022



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