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Get the support you need for your business'Akka.NET applications from Petabridge's experienced team members and solution architects.

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Petabridge has been in the business of helping .NET developers build large-scale software solutions on the back of break-through open source technologies like Akka.NET and NBench since January, 2015. Starting in 2018 we're rolling all of our major product and service offerings into a one-size-fits-all Enterprise Subscription.

Subscriber Benefits

The benefits you and your company will receive via your Enterprise Subscription with Petabridge:

  • Timely, expert answers to your Akka.NET development, deployment, design, and operational questions.
  • Priority bug fixes to Petabridge open source software projects and Akka.NET.
  • Flexible service level agreements for development and production lifecycle support.
  • Exclusive, private webinars with the Petabridge technical leadership team regarding the Akka.NET roadmap, insights, and ecosystem.
  • Access to production licenses for Petabridge's commercial product offerings, such as Phobos Enterprise DevOps Suite for Akka.NET.
  • (Optional) Certified builds of Akka.NET and other Petabridge open source software.

Product Licenses

Phobos is Petabridge's Enterprise DevOps Suite for Akka.NET.


Phobos is Petabridge's enterprise DevOps suite for Akka.NET. It ships with the ability to automatically trace and monitor all activity with as few as 5 lines of configuration. Phobos works with a wide variety of third party tracing and monitoring tools and our list is expanding regularly.

Petabridge Enterprise Subscription customers will gain access to the Phobos binaries for a limited number of production instances as well as in-kind support for questions related to Phobos instrumentation and setup. Click here if you're like to learn more about Phobos for Akka.NET.


All Enterprise Subscription customers are given access to our live customer support portal and are able to submit tickets through there.

Developer Support Plans

By far and away our most popular form of support. Some typical use cases for Petabridge developer support plans include design-time assistance on Akka.NET architectural questions, DevOps guidance, bug fixing, and Akka.NET best practices.

Production Support Plans

Petabridge's production support is intended for "break glass in case of emergency" situations for real-time, live production troubleshooting. Customers who purchase real-time, production support are given access to a dedicated phone number which they can use to contact our support team members 24/7/365 with a 1 hour turn-around time.

Pricing, Terms, and Licenses

All Enterprise Subscriptions are governed under the terms of the Enterprise Subscription Agreement and typically are purchased on an annual basis by our customers. Terms are flexible, however. Please contact sales on via the form at the bottom of the page for more information on pricing and terms.

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